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    1. Paris Hilton Paris Whitney Hilton is an American businesswoman, television personality, model, actress, singer, DJ and author. What is that, she is famous for again? I can’t seem to remember, but with that many vodka drinks in her system, she possibly can’t either. It’s kind of funny though, that a name one and the […]

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    1. Eceabt Turkey Statues of World War Eceabat, formerly Maydos is the nearest town to World War-I Gallipoli Campaign battlefields of 1915, cemeteries and memorials to the more than 120,000 soldiers fallen from United Kingdom, Australia France, Turkey and New Zealand. The name Eceabat could be originated from the Arabic military word ‘Hijabat’. The war […]

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    Antonija Sandric born Misura on May 19, 1988 is a Croatian professional basketball player. She played a variety of sports, including volleyball. She ultimately attracted to basketball, she started her professional career with Vidici Dalmostan in 2005 and won both the national championship and the Croatian Cup in 2008, in her first season with her […]

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    1. Breast Bunch, Arnhem, Netherlands Lets’ go for a walk and see this bunch of breasts site in the Park of Arnhem situated in the Netherlands. Definitely the name told it all… Isn’t a very weird sculpture to look at? We sure feel awkward just for glancing at it. What do you say girls to […]

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    1. Jessica Simpson Jessica Ann Johnson is an American singer, songwriter, actress, reality television personality and fashion designer. Her gorgeous appearance had been slammed for weight gained. To look we can say ‘there’s no doubt that she looked healthy while pregnant with both of her kids’. It was clear she was radiant and proud to […]

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    1. Yoga Commonly Use In Physical Exercise Do you know that yoga pants are also used in activities involving physical exercise, such as yoga? Actually yoga is a great way to improve your balance if you are wearing Yoga Pants so that definitely would focus on balance that moves help due to extra flexibility better […]