• These Real Pictures Captured By Hunters, Made Me Stunned! (7 Images)

    Motion Activated Cameras Over the course of several years, the people interviewed towns-people and gathered the clues to support the tale’s reality. The project took a frightening turn when the people got on their way in the woods and began hearing horrific noises. The small town collected, the documentary footage about the “Blair Witch”, Can […]

    Girl Walked Half Naked On The Streets Of Manhattan And No One Noticed Her! (8 Images)

    Half Naked On The Store What will be your re-action if you see a naked girl walking in front of you on the street? Well this happened when a model “Leah Jung” walked naked with her painted body on the street of Manhattan. As a part of social experiment a model walked naked in Manhattan’s […]

    Nine Year Old Boy Left With Disturbing Scars After Being Abused By Foster Mother (5 Images)

    Scratchers The left side picture is of a boy in eastern China was left with horrific scars after being brutally lashed and beaten by his foster mother (on the right side picture) for not finishing his home work. The 9 year old was reportedly beaten with a back scratcher, whipped with ropes and kicked repeatedly […]

    Violent Movies That Went Too Far (7 Images)

    The Blood and Gore Peer of the realm knows prop blood and gore have to approach a long line of attack. But it does not always exist for the sake of shock and titillation. In actual fact, a realistic portrayal of violence may very well help improve a movie’s emotional result or better convey its […]

    Funny Demotivational Posters That You Haven’t Seen (7 Images)

    Yes, we believe you This is legit bikini pose. But she is smiling and standing beside poster. De-motivational posters have grown to be very popular nowadays, due to fact that they are actually funny, hilarious and sarcastic. These posters make absolutely everyone laugh and also aid individuals handle their tension level. A new selection of […]

    This Woman Weighed Over 1028 Pounds (7 Images)

    She Was 1028 Pounds You might have meet and seen the people in extra and heavy weighted (over 1028 pounds), but you can see and know about Mayra Rosales who was morbidly obese. She could not walk. She could hardly even lift herself without help. She was unable to bathe, take care of herself and […]